Get details of a deletion job

This call gets the details of an asynchronous bulk deletion job. This information will be available for up to a month after the job has been completed.


If you are using Seven Bridges Platform EU, please use the following endpoint:{job_id}


See a list of Seven Bridges Platform-specific response codes that may be contained in the body of the response.

Response body

KeyData typeDescription
idstringID of this delete job.
resultstringThe result of the delete job.
typestringThe type of job which is DELETE.
statestringThe following states are available:

failed_filesstringThe number of files that failed to delete.
completed_filesstringThe number of files that were successfully deleted.
total_filesstringThe total number of files that were processed for the job.
started_onstringThe time and date the deletion job started.
finished_onstringThe time and date the deletion job has finished.