Get file details

This call returns details about a specified file. The call returns the file's name, its tags, and all of its metadata.

Files are specified by their IDs, which you can obtain by making the API call to list files in a project.

Learn more about metadata fields and their values on the Seven Bridges Platform. You can also learn more about working with tags on the Platform.


If you are using Seven Bridges Platform EU, please use the following endpoint:{file_id}

Interpreting the response body:

  • The object storage denotes the type of storage for the file which can be either PLATFORM or VOLUME depending on where the file is stored.
  • The object origin denotes the task that produced the file, if it was created by a task on the Seven Bridges Platform.
  • The dictionary object metadata lists the metadata fields and values for the file.
  • The object tags lists the tags for the file. Learn more about tagging your files on the Platform.