List files (secondary method)

This call lists the files in the specified project. It is an alias for the call list files and redirects to that path.


If you are using Seven Bridges Platform EU, please use the following endpoint:{project_owner}/{project}/files


Alias call

Note that since this is an alias for another call, the call cannot be made directly from all applications. In particular, to send the call using cURL, use the cURL option -L to redirect the path of this call to{project_owner}/{project}.

Alternatively, to list all files, you can simply use the call list files.


Referring to your project

Note that project_owner is always case-sensitive, and that project is not the project's name but its ID, or short name. For more information about identifying objects in the API, see the section on identifying objects.


List files in the Public Reference Files repository

The Seven Bridges Public Reference Files repository is specified in the same way as a project on the Platform by an id of admin/sbg-public-data. You can pass this query parameter using project=admin/sbg-public-data.