Edit a project

This call edits a project on the Seven Bridges Platform. As a project Admin you can use it to change the name, settings, tags or billing group of the project.

Users with write permissions in the project can change the project description.


Path for Seven Bridges Platform EU

If you are using Seven Bridges Platform EU, please use the following endpoint: https://eu-api.sbgenomics.com/v2/projects/{project_owner}/{project}



If your client does not support PATCH requests, you can use POST to send this request, along with the query parameter _method=PATCH:

i.e. https://api.sbgenomics.com/v2/projects/{project_owner}/{project}?_method=PATCH


Referring to your project

Note that project_owner is always case-sensitive, and that project is not the project's name but its ID, or short name. For full details of identifying objects using the API, please see the API overview.