Bulk features overview

Bulk actions allow you to perform actions on multiple items with a single call. The following bulk API calls are available:

Bulk actions performance optimization

To optimize the performance of returned information from bulk API calls that are used to get multiple objects at the same time, the best practice is to explicitly specify the fields that you want to see in the returned response. For example, the call that is used to get details of multiple tasks will return all information for all available tasks, unless the information is filtered using query parameters, such as:

POST https://api.sbgenomics.com/v2/bulk/tasks/get?fields=resource.id,resource.status

When executed, this call will return only the id and status fields for each resource object that represents a single task:

  "items": [
      "resource": {
        "id": "1fd125fa-789c-45b6-12b3-2a3ab3bedcba",
        "status": "DRAFT"

This way of excluding unnecessary information contributes to speed optimization, especially when there is a huge number of items in the response, and makes further management of returned information significantly easier. Please pay attention to the format of the fields parameter, which includes the resource keyword, as it differs slightly from the generic API calls as specified in general API information.