About Docker Hub


Docker Hub is an online image registry which hosts a number of images used in building Docker containers. This registry is organized into repositories and contains images in which commonly-used software, including operating systems, have been installed. Docker Hub also hosts user repositories, containing images created and uploaded by Docker users.

Learn more about using Docker Hub images below. Conversely, learn more about the Seven Bridges Image Registry.

Use Docker Hub images

Use images from any Docker Hub repository to help you build an image to upload to the Seven Bridges Image Registry.

You can also execute tools on the Seven Bridges Platform that are contained in images stored in Docker Hub. However, we would recommend you avoid pushing to, or using images from external image registries because we cannot guarantee their stability and availability. An alternative would be to re-push the image to the Seven Bridges Image Registry and use it from there. Additionally, storing your images in the Seven Bridges Image Registry rather than in Docker Hub will speed up processing time on the Platform, since the tools will be executed closer to the data they are processing.