Seven Bridges Platform tutorials

The best way to see how the Seven Bridges Platform can help your research is to try it out.

Use our tutorials to take a tour!

The visual interface

Seven Bridges Platform Quickstart

Start with the QuickStart. This will walk you through a simple exome sequencing analysis using the Platform's visual interface in your browser.

We recommend that new users start with the Quickstart to gain familiarity with the basic concepts of the Platform. In particular, you'll create a project, and populate it with some of the publicly available files and apps provided on the Platform. Then, you'll modify the files' metadata and the workflow's parameter settings, before running a task.

Build a workflow

The Build a workflow tutorial tackles a specific concept on the Platform: how to build a workflow from scratch. This tutorial walks you through building RNA-seq Alignment - STAR, a workflow that aligns RNA-seq reads to a reference and outputs aligned reads, non-aligned reads, and the program log.


Worked example of uploading SamTools Sort

The Seven Bridges SDK allows you to install and run custom software on the Platform.
Follow the worked example of uploading SamTools Sort to see how to Dockerize an app, upload it to the Platform, and use it in a workflow.

Upload a custom Python program using a Dockerfile

You can also learn how to build and upload a custom Docker image containing your app using a Dockerfile.


Introduction to the API tutorial

This tutorial introduces the API to users who only have experience using the Platform's visual interface. You will learn about the various parts of an API request and walk through an example using Postman.

API Quickstart

Start with the API Quickstart. This will walk you through a simple exome sequencing analysis using the API. This tutorial is a good way to familiarize yourself with the Platform's API requests.

API Recipes

The Seven Bridges API allows you to automate all procedures on the Platform. To get started building on it, take a look at the API recipes.

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