Manage members for a volume


Use the Volumes dashboard on the visual interface to add contributing members to a volume and manage fine-grained permissions for each member.

Invite members and set permissions

  1. Access the Volumes dashboard from the Data tab of the top navigation bar.
  2. On the Volumes dashboard, select the icon under Actions.
  3. Under Add new member, invite members by their emails or their Seven Bridges Platform usernames.
  4. Specify fine-grained permissions including Read, Write, Copy, and Admin privileges.
  5. Click Add to confirm.

Once set, permissions can be modified at any time.


The following permissions can be set for volume members.

readRead permissions allow a volume member to browse the contents of the volume.
writeWrite permissions allow a volume member to export files from the Platform to the volume.
copyCopy permissions allow a volume member to import the contents of the volume to the Platform.
adminAdmin permissions contain all of the permissions above as well as administrative privileges.