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Connect cloud storage overview

Bioinformatics data is commonly stored on compliant cloud storage services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform. If you store your files on AWS or GCP, Seven Bridges' API lets you connect your storage to the Seven Bridges Platform. Once such a connection is established, files and objects from your cloud account are available for computation on the Seven Bridges Platform. Similarly, files in your account on the Seven Bridges Platform can be copied into your connected cloud storage.

This chapter introduces two important concepts for using cloud storage on the Platform:

  • A volume is a generic storage repository, on the cloud, external to the Seven Bridges Platform, on which the Platform can communicate via the API.
  • An alias is a file that is not on the Seven Bridges Platform, but is instead on an external volume that has been connected to the Platform.

Operations on volumes are handled by the Seven Bridges API. For the API reference, see the Volumes section of the API documentation.

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Connect cloud storage overview

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