Modify project settings

Project administrators (single user account) and Division administrators (enterprise account) can change basic project information, set default task instances, and increase project security.

To access project settings, select the project you wish to change, and go to the Settings tab.


Review and change the basic information about a project

You can access a project's basic information, such as the project name, the username of its creator, and the date of creation from Settings tab. Click the pencil icon to update the project name and description. Then, click the check mark to save the changes.


Change a project's name

Your project will be assigned a short name based on the name that you give it. While you may re-name your project from the project Settings, you cannot change short name after your project is created. The short name is used as an ID to refer to the project when using the API, and also appears in the URL for the project, which is used to access it in your web browser.


Review and change the basic information about a project

Change a project's billing group

To change or create a billing group, click the drop-down menu next to the View Billing Group button.

Modify execution settings

Spot instances

You can activate spot instances for your project by using the switch under Spot instances. Learn more about spot instances.



Enable or disable automatic reuse of precomputed results to help reduce the time and cost of your task execution. Learn more.

Intermediate files

Define for how long intermediate files are kept on the Platform.

Increase the security of a project

Your project resources are only available to you and the other Seven Bridges users you invited as project members. All projects on the Seven Bridges are encrypted on disc and in transfer. The environment for task execution is only used to host data and run apps required by the initiating task.

You can allow Seven Bridges team members to access your task if you need support. To do this, make sure that the project the task is in is not locked down. Locking down a project prevents any Seven Bridges team member from viewing any information about the task.

To lock down your project, click on Projects on the main dashboard, select the project whose security you wish to modify, and go to the Settings tab. Then, select Lock down the execution environment under Project Security.



Project support

Locking down a project significantly limits the amount of support the Seven Bridges team can provide for tasks within the locked project.


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