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The Seven Bridges Platform is a simple solution for doing bioinformatics at industrial scale. But sometimes, everyone needs a little help.

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Docker for Enterprise


Use the SDK to bring your tools to an Enterprise account on the Platform the same way as for a single user account. However, there are a few additional conventions to note when using the SDK on an Enterprise account, as described below.


The information on this page applies to Seven Bridges Platform users on an Enterprise account.

Docker Naming Conventions

While Docker repository naming can be free form, we suggest as a best practice to name your Docker repositories within the Seven Bridges Image Registry in the following manner:<division>/<username>/<repository_name>[:tag].

Alternatively, the username can be omitted from the repository name, and the following naming convention can be followed:<division>/<repository_name>[:tag]. All Docker repositories inside a Division are owned by the Division and this naming convention reflects that.


If you are using the Seven Bridges Platform on AWS EU, please use in repository names instead of

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Docker for Enterprise

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