Unmount a project


You can unmount a project when you are finished using it as part of your local file system.
This operation is executed as a regular unmount command instead of a SBFS-specific command.

Please note that a file system cannot normally be unmounted when it is busy, such as when there are open files or when the working directory of a process is on the mounted file system.

However, you can force the unmount procedure, as shown in the Optional parameters below.

Furthermore, if you are using Linux OS, you will need root privileges to execute this command (using "sudo").


To unmount your project, issue the following command:

sbfs unmount <mountpoint> [optional-command-parameters]

Be sure to specify the mountpoint, the folder on your local machine where the file system is mounted. Once you issue this command the project will be unmounted and its file will no longer be available in the local folder.

For example:

sbfs unmount ~/documents/my-folder

Optional parameters

--forceUse this command to unmount a file system even if it is busy. This will be performed on "best effort" basis, meaning that this does not guarantee success of the unmount operation (this behavior is controlled by the OS).

Please note that using this option can cause data loss for open files, while programs accessing files on the unmounted partition may encounter an error or not work properly after forced unmount.