Data Studio analysis charging

How charging works

Data Studio uses the cloud infrastructure to run your analyses, in the same way as it is done for task execution. Analyses are executed on virtual computing environments, known as instances. When you start an analysis, the Platform requests an adequate instance type based on the instance selection in the analysis setup.

Charging starts once there is an instance allocated for your analysis. At that moment, we start loading the libraries and files onto the acquired compute instance and when this is done, the analysis status will change to RUNNING. When you are done with your analysis and you press the Stop button, the analysis will spend a couple of minutes saving your data. When saving has been completed, analysis status will change to SAVED and the charging period will stop. The time between the start and the end of an analysis is called a session. For more information, see the section on compute costs.

Besides the use of computation instances, there are also file storage and data transfer costs. Storage is charged for both project and workspace files, per GB-month. Learn more about storage and data transfer costs.

Monitoring analysis costs

A Data Studio analysis can be started and stopped multiple times. Each execution of an analysis is considered as a single session and the costs of your analyses are displayed per session. There are two locations within Data Studio where you can see the analysis cost(s):

  1. Under the analysis title on the analysis details page.

If the analysis is running, the Price field will show the cost of the current analysis session. If the analysis is not running, the displayed price is the cost of the last session.

  1. When you click View Sessions under the analysis title.
    You will see a table with detailed info on each session within the analysis. The last two columns, Duration and Price will show the total duration of the session and the instance costs for the specific session.