About the Seven Bridges Image Registry

Store images containing tools


The Seven Bridges Image Registry stores Docker images containing tools you can use to execute analyses on the Platform. The images are organized into repositories and contain tools as well as their dependencies.

The Seven Bridges Image Registry is images.sbgenomics.com. Note that this doesnโ€™t point to a webpage and cannot be opened in a browser.


If you are using the Seven Bridges Platform on AWS EU, please use eu-images.sbgenomics.com as the image registry instead of images.sbgenomics.com.

Learn more about the Seven Bridges Image Registry below.

Alternatively, Docker's own image registry, Docker Hub, can be used to store images. Images stored in Docker Hub can also be accessed from the Platform.

To make your tools available on the Platform, you should upload Docker images containing them to Docker Hub or to the Seven Bridges Image Registry.

Repositories in the Seven Bridges Image Registry

Images in the Seven Bridges registry are arranged in repositories.

Repository paths

In order to upload an image to the the Seven Bridges Image Registry, or run a tool from an image contained there, you will need to refer to the repository in which the image is housed. Each image is uniquely identified using its full repository path:


This path consists of the following parts:

  • images.sbgenomics.com: URL of the Seven Bridges image registry.
  • <username>: Your Platform username.
  • <repository_name>: Repository name.
  • [:tag]: Optional, commonly used to label the version of the image.

You will need to do this on the Tool Editor in order to refer to the image containing your tool, if the image is stored in the Seven Bridges registry. If the image is stored in Docker Hub, you can enter just the Docker Hub repository instead.


If you are an Enterprise user, please use the Docker for Enterprise page and learn how to manage your Docker repositories in the Enterprise context.

Repository names

Repository names are user-defined, must be at least 3 characters long and can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, ., - and _.

Image tags

A repository can house multiple images. To identify images, each image can be given a unique tag. You can use a numerical tagging system, or use words or phrases as tags. If you do not specify a tag, the default tag is latest.