Projects on the Seven Bridges Platform

Projects are the core building blocks of the Seven Bridges Platform. Each project corresponds to a distinct scientific investigation and serves as a container for its data, analysis workflows, and results. Multiple workflow executions can be carried out within a project.

Access to a project is restricted to the collaborators in the investigation. Each project has at least one administrator, who controls the project members' permissions. These permissions allow the project member as much or as little access to project resources as the project administrator wishes.

You may share the same data between projects in order to work on it with distinct groups of collaborators. Or you may have multiple projects with the same collaborators in order to work on different data sets or to use different funding sources. For instance, a researcher might use the Seven Bridges Platform to work on a project on breast cancer using RNA-Seq with one collaborator. That same researcher could work on a second project with another collaborator to perform a whole genome sequencing study of prostate cancer. See our documentation for more about Collaboration on the Seven Bridges Platform.

In a nutshell

  • Projects are self-contained work stations for your analyses on the Platform. You can create (or be part of) as many projects as you'd like.
  • Project members are your collaborators in a specific project.

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