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The Seven Bridges Platform is a simple solution for doing bioinformatics at industrial scale. But sometimes, everyone needs a little help.

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The Seven Bridges Platform is a cloud-based computational environment for bioinformatics which maintains compliance with all leading standards governing medical data and equally high security standards when run on a cloud.

There are two types of user account available on the Seven Bridges Platform, as described below:

  • Single user account is the default option for individual users on the Platform. Users with Single user accounts on the Platform can share files, tools, analyses, and results with other users through Platform projects.
  • Enterprise account is an option for organizations. The organization associated with the Enterprise account may create user groups (Divisions and Teams) composed of Enterprise account holders, to enable collaboration between members of an organization. Users with an Enterprise account can collaborate through Platform projects in the same way as users with Single user accounts.

To sign up for an account, please contact the Seven Bridges Support Team who will guide you to through the process based on your specific requirements.

Available cloud infrastructure options

We offer three deployments (an installation of the Platform on servers in a particular region of a particular cloud provider), based on underlying cloud services by Amazon Web Services (US and EU) as well as Google Cloud.

Which Platform should I choose?

Use the regular AWS US East deployment, unless one of the following considerations applies to you:

  • If your data is already stored on Google Platform, and you would like to read/write to it from the Platform using the Volumes API, you could use the GCP deployment.
  • if your data must be analyzed in Europe for compliance reasons, we can help you be compliant by using the AWS EU deployment.

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