Apps on the Seven Bridges Platform

The Seven Bridges Platform offers a repository of publicly available apps suitable for many different types of data analysis.


Apps include both tools (individual bioinformatics utilities) and workflows (chains or pipelines of connected tools). The publicly available apps are maintained by the Seven Bridges Platform bioinformatics team to represent the latest tool versions.

They can be fully modified using the tool editor and the workflow editor.

Seven Bridges public apps are hosted in a gallery for you to locate them easily. Once you access the public apps gallery, you can:

  1. Search for a specific app.
  2. Explore all apps.
  3. View featured apps.

Access public apps from a project

In order to access the public apps in a project:

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click the Apps tab.
  3. Click +Add app.
    The window for choosing a public app will be displayed.
  1. Click Copy next to an app to copy it into your project.

Access public apps in a legacy project

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click the Pipelines tab.
  3. Click +Add pipelines.
    The window with the list of available apps will be displayed.
  1. Select a pipeline.
  2. Click Add pipeline to add it to your project.