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Copy a Data Cruncher analysis

Data Cruncher allows you to copy an analysis to a different project on the Platform, or even within the same project. The copied analysis includes all workspace files from the original analysis. To copy an analysis:

  1. When you open a project on the Platform, click the Interactive Analysis tab.
  2. On the Data Cruncher card click Open. The list of your analyses opens.
  3. Click the name of the analysis you want to copy. The analysis details page opens.
  4. Click the Copy button in the top-right corner. The Copy analysis dialog opens.


To copy an analysis, you need to have the copy permission in the source project and write permission in the target project.

  1. Enter the details of the copied analysis:
  • Analysis name - The name of the analysis when copied to the target project. The default value is Copy of <name of the original analysis>.
  • Target Project - The project to which the analysis is copied. You need to have write permission in the target project.
  1. Click Copy. The analysis is now copied to the target project.

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Copy a Data Cruncher analysis

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