About the Datasets API


Advance Access

This feature is in our advance access program. This means that, while it is fully operational, it is subject to change.


Seven Bridges is committed to providing Cavatica users with up-to-date versions of the datasets that are available from the NCI Genomic Data Commons (GDC). The currently available version of this dataset corresponds to GDC Data Release 31.

More information about the data in this release can be found in the GDC Data Release Notes.

Learn more about our policies regarding updates to the GDC datasets.


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Access the Datasets API


The Datasets API is an HTTP API for programmatically browsing and querying datasets based on metadata attributes. Metadata consists of properties, which describe each dataset’s entities, and their values. Learn more about metadata for datasets.

The resulting data can be added to a Seven Bridges project for further analysis. Learn more about accessing data from the Datasets API.

Access the Datasets API

The base path of the Datasets API is https://datasets-api.sbgenomics.com/.

All requests should have the following headers:

Content-TypeSet this to application/json.
X-SBG-Auth-TokenYour authentication token