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Modify metadata using the visual interface

In case you need to modify metadata for multiple files in your project, you can do so by exporting metadata from all files in your project. The metadata are stored in a manifest file which you can download, change values for the metadata fields and then upload it back to the Platform, thus applying changes to metadata in all of your project files.


Precautionary measures when exporting CSV files

Spreadsheet applications contain a vulnerability which can be exploited when you use these programs to view any downloaded CSV file, whether from the Seven Bridges Platform or an external source.

As a precautionary measure, we suggest that you open your exported data in a simple text viewer or an editor without formula or function execution capabilities, such as notepad, gedit or textEdit, before using a spreadsheet program. In the simple text viewer or editor, check for any characters which may trigger function or formula executions. For specific characters, please refer to the documentation for your spreadsheet program. Learn more about CSV file injections.

To export metadata to a manifest file:

  1. Navigate to your project.
  2. Click the Files tab.
  3. Click the ellipsis menu.
  4. Click Export metadata manifest.


Alternatively, click Export metadata manifest from filtered files to only export metadata from the fields you have previously filtered.

  1. Choose the location to save the manifest on your computer.
  2. Click Save.

After saving the manifest, you can make the required changes to the metadata and then upload the file back to the Platform to apply the changes (see below).

Applying modified metadata to your project files

To apply changes to metadata to all of your project files:

  1. Choose Import metadata manifest from the ellipsis menu.
  2. Click Choose File and select the manifest file with the modified metadata.
  3. Click Add.
    The following pop up is displayed.
  1. (Optional) Review the metadata fields which will be affected and un-select those you do not want to apply.
  2. Click Apply.


Please keep in mind that the changes you make to the metadata fields cannot be reverted. Furthermore the project file names (including the extension) cannot be changed using the import manifest feature.

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Modify metadata using the visual interface

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