Query method 1: start from an example query

QUERY DATASETS > Query method 1: start from an example query


The Data Browser contains example queries built by the Seven Bridges bioinformatics team. Use example queries as an introduction to the Data Browser or as a starting point for your own query.

Access example queries

In the Data Browser, click Open examples from the Queries drop-down menu. The example queries are shown.



Use the search box to search for specific queries by name.

Switch dataset

Queries are sorted by a dataset. Toggle between queries from each dataset or opt to view all saved queries by clicking the dataset name next to the search box.

Open saved query

To access a query, click Use next to its name. For example, clicking on Use next to CCLE Brain Lower Grade Glioma cell lines with RNA-Seq BAM files aligned on hg19 will open that query on the Data Browser Canvas.